I began painting full time in 2009 from my small apartment-studio in my home town Hamburg in Germany. Since then i lived and worked in four different countries.
Experiencing different environments, cultures and surroundings was a great source of inspiration for my art, which led me to create several new series of paintings. 
My style of choice is abstract and my work covers a wide range of smaller, more affordable paintings as well as large and extra large pieces. 

As you browse through my paintings , you can see my art is inspired by birds, rain, water, forests and colors found in nature. 
Abstraction allows a lot of freedom. I create abstract art, because i like to express what i see through colors and textures which can "speak" to the viewer in different ways. 
The choice of color matters the most for my paintings. I use bold jewel colors, neutral, earthy or dark tones of gray and metallic effects. 

I hope you enjoy my work, and thank you for taking the time to read more about it!